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Explore: Tai Ji Quan, Qi Gong, Traditional Taoist and Chinese Medicine, Healing, Meditation, Gong Fu, Internal Alchemy, Bazi Astrology, Taoist worldview, Music and Culture.

Welcome to the Tian Di Ren Institute! Our mission is to disseminate, preserve and circulate the wisdom and teachings of traditional Asian culture throughout the Western world. Our scope is broad; encompassing medicine and healing, martial arts, philosophy, spiritual practice, astrology, art, music and more. Through on-site classes and practical workshops, publications and videos the Tian Di Ren Institute is dedicated to illuminating the depths of these traditional cultures in the modern world and preserving their wisdoms for future generations.

Tian Di Ren Institute is a training and healing center based in Southern Poland. Situated in the Silesian Beskids mountain range near the borders with the Czech Republic and Slovakia, We welcome all who seek to shape themselves in the Traditional Arts of Asia. Come study under the guidance of skilled teachers who have committed decades to the learning of these ancient practices.

Courses will be offered throughout the year on Traditional Taoist Medicine (Dao Yi) and Healing, Internal Martial Arts (Nei Jia Quan), Qi Gong (Chi Kung), Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi Chuan), Wudang Sword  (Wudang Jian), Internal Alchemy (Nei Dan), Longevity (Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong), Healing Music (Yin Yue Yi Liao Fa), Astrology (Bazi), Geomancy (Feng Shui), Book of Changes (Yi Jing), Chinese Calligraphy (Shu Fa), Tea Ceremony (Cha Yi) and more.

Our goal is to provide teaching of a high-standard with masters of medical and holistic treatment.

Through study, the ultimate goal is to open one’s understanding of the true Self. Our aim is , to transmit the theories of longevity and to help people by easing the pain and suffering of illness. We, at Tian Di Ren, seek to facilitate a return to naturalness and to cultivate harmony between Heaven and Earth; to communicate with the wisdom and life forms of higher dimensions, and to jointly explore the mysteries of the universe and the truth.

Despite which area of study one pursues, the true goal is always to cultivate greater compassion in the Self. The potency of this natural environment and the sincerity of this traditional teaching style will provide a deep journey for every aspirant.

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Official opening and first courses are planned for summer 2022

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